Spring housing in New York is different than the fall process as the Office of Housing Services and Residential Life makes all spring assignments for students new to New York for the spring semester. Students will go through an application process that will allow for certain preferences to be made but there is no guarantee that we can meet these preferences. Spaces are allocated based on vacancies in the current housing system. Please keep in mind that we are filling spaces vacated by students in New York for the Fall, and we appreciate your understanding of the complexities involved in making housing assignments.

  1. How do I apply for Housing?
    Students new to study away in New York for the Spring semester will be notified by email when the New York Housing application is available through the NY Housing Portal. The application can be accessed through the housing application portal on your NYUHome account (home.nyu.edu). There you will find the “Housing Forms Log-In” channel on the NYU Life page. Click on the “Student Housing and Meal Plan Forms” link and follow the University login prompts to access the application portal using your Net ID and password. Once in the portal, you may access the housing application by clicking the “Access Application” button under “Spring 2017 You will have approximately two weeks to complete your housing preferences through the application. The application for study away students is due on Friday, November 18th at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

    This housing application will allow you to select certain preferences for housing, however the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services is limited to assigning students into open spaces within upperclassmen residence halls.

  1. What is the Deferment Request Agreement and do I have to fill it out?
    Yes, as study away students in New York you must fill out the Deferment Request Agreement in order to remove the requirement to submit the $1000 housing reservation payment. Please note this is the last step of the housing application and is only available after you complete the application and reach the confirmation page. You must stay in the portal and click “confirm” which will then generate the Deferment Request page to open. Study away students should indicate in the Reason for Deferment Request section that they are either an NYUAD or NYUSH student coming to NY for study away and would like to defer this payment.
  1. Will I be able to request a roommate?
    Students will have the opportunity to request up to three returning undergraduates new to Spring 2017 housing. You will not be able to request students that are continuing from the Fall semester. You can send an email to GPNYC at gpnyc@nyu.edu with an addendum to your application requesting roommate preferences for students continuing from the Fall. Please include the students’ N# when making your request. Please note that roommate requests are not guaranteed, although we will do our best to accommodate them based on available space.
  1. What residence halls are available and will I be able to request a specific residence hall?
    All upperclassmen residence halls will be available to select as a preference in the housing application. Students should look for apartment-style, upperclassman housing. Students will be able to rank their top six building preferences. Since assignments are made based upon open spaces, no particular building can be guaranteed, though every effort will be made to meet preferences.
  1. Can I request a single room?
    The expectation is students will be placed in shared rooms. Singles are available on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact gpnyc@nyu.edu if you wish to make inquiries about a single room.
  1. Are there low-cost housing options?
    Low-cost housing is limited and select spaces in NYU housing have been designated at a lower rate due to the size and configuration of the room. You will be able to select low-cost as a preference in your application but there is no guarantee low-cost space will be available.
  1. Where can I find out more about each residence hall?
    More information on each of NYU’s residence halls can be found here: https://www.nyu.edu/students/student-information-and-resources/housing-and-dining/on-campus-living/residence-halls.html
    A few notes of interest can be found below: *Please note that space in all Low-Cost options may be limited and is not guaranteed, but every effort will be made to accommodate student requests.
  • Clark Street: This is a residence hall located in Brooklyn, close to the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Campus. This building has a different guest policy than the other residence halls. It is a 17-20 minute subway ride to the Washington Square Campus. Has Low Cost* spaces within the building.
  • Othmer Hall: This is a residence hall located in Brooklyn, close to the Tandon School of Engineering Campus. It is a 17-20 minute subway ride to the Washington Square. Has both traditional and apartment style suites and requires a minimum meal plan. Has Low Cost spaces within the building.
  • Broome Street: This is a Special Interest Housing residence for the Upperclass Residential College. You must complete the Special Interest Housing (SIH) application in order to preference this dorm. Has Low Cost* spaces within the building.
  • Carlyle Court: This residence hall has 2 types of accommodations, one-bedroom suites that accommodate three to four residents and very few studio apartments that accommodate two residents. Note that the one-bedroom suites have 2 beds that are located within the shared living room and do not have doors.
  • Coral Tower: Has 2 Exploration Floors (Batter Up and Geek NYC) that can be applied for through the Special Interest Housing application. Students should only preference shared spaces within this hall. *See note on single housing. Has Low Cost* spaces within the building.
  • Gramercy Green: This residence is located in Gramercy Park and is either a 25 minutes walk to Washington Square or a 20 minute subway or bus ride. It is the home to several Explorations Living Learning communities that can be applied for through the SIH app.
  • Green House at Seventh Street: This is a Special Interest Housing residence with 3 different Living Learning communities that can be applied for by completing the SIH app. This building is a sustainable building and there are restrictions on temperature controls and electricity usage within the spaces.
  • Greenwich Hall: This residence is located in the West Village and is a 15 minute walk to Washington Square. Has Special Interest Housing floors and Low Cost* spaces within building.
  • Lafayette Hall: This hall is located in Tribeca and is a 25 minute walk to Washington Square or a 15-20 minute subway ride. Has Special Interest Housing floors and Low Cost* spaces within building.
  • Palladium: This residence has a dining hall and gym within the building. It also has several Special Interest Housing floors.
  • Second Street: This residence has a Special Interest Housing floor and Low Cost* spaces within the building. Students should only preference shared spaces within this hall. *See note on single housing.
  • Senior House at West 13th Street: This is a Special Interest Housing building and is only open to Seniors (Students in Class of 2017). Has Low Cost* spaces within the building.
  1. How can I find out more about the cost of housing?
    Students can find information on housing rates here: https://www.nyu.edu/students/student-information-and-resources/housing-and-dining/on-campus-living/application-and-assignments/applying-for-housing.html
    Remember, different buildings and different room configurations may have different costs.
  1. May I live off campus?
    At this time, all students are required to live in NYU provided accommodation. If, however, you have a mother, father, legal guardian, or adult sibling who permanently resides in an established family home within New York City or the New York metropolitan area, you may be considered for an exemption from this policy. You can submit a letter of petition to gpnyc@nyu.edu for consideration. Submitting a request does not guarantee exemption; appeals will be evaluated by your home campus and the New York Site Director on a case-by-case basis, and you will be notified of a decision through your NYU email address.

    There may be updates to this process, and we will keep students up to date on any changes.

  1. Will any of my roommates be NYUNY students?
    Yes, there is a possibility that some students will be rooming with NYUNY students. If your preference is to live with NYUNY students, you can leave the roommate preference section blank in your application or you can send an addendum to your application to gpnyc@nyu.edu asking to be placed with NYUNY students.
  1. What is the Gender Inclusive Housing and can I request a roommate who does not share my legal sex?
    In this application process, students may choose a “gender neutral” preference to form groups and/or be assigned without regard to legal sex. Students who choose this option must meet certain requirements intended to maximize the housing options available to all students (i.e. all space in the room/suite must be assigned to students who indicate this preference or the room will default to a legal sex designation). In short, if you indicate a gender neutral preference you can be assigned to a space with roommates who do not share your legal sex. Students who do not select this option will be placed in rooms based on their legal sex.
  1. What is NYU’s default assignment method if the gender neutral assignment preference is not selected/available?
    Room assignments are made by New York University on the basis of the legal sex of the student, which is the sex that appears on government issued IDs or legal documents.
  1. Will you prevent people who are romantically involved from living together?
    Current housing procedures do not require students to disclose the reason for their roommate requests. We encourage students to make mature decisions about their living arrangements and make roommate choices that will help them experience a successful academic semester.
  1. What if parents don’t want their student to live in a gender neutral room?
    We encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with their families so that they can be supportive of a student’s housing decision.
  1. Will I be provided with linens?
    No, NYU residence halls do not provide students with linens during the fall or spring semesters. You can purchase your linens upon arrival or add them to your packing. Remember that with the exception of Clark Street NYU dorm rooms are equipped with Twin XL beds so you need to purchase Twin XL sheets.

    Below is a list of stores where you can purchase your linens in NY:

  • KMART ‎ · 770 Broadway, New York, NY ‎ · ‎(212) 673-1540 ‎ · com
  • Bed Bath & Beyond ‎ · 620 6th Ave, New York, NY ‎ · ‎(212) 255-3550 ‎ · com
  • TJ Maxx ‎ · 620 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY‎ · ‎(212) 229-0875 ‎ · com
  • Macy’s ‎ · 151 W 34th St, New York, NY ‎ · ‎(212) 695-4400 ‎ · com
  • Target ‎ · 139 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY ‎ · ‎Atlantic Terminal ‎ (718) 290-1109 ‎ · target.com
  • Bloomingdale’s ‎ · 504 Broadway, New York, NY ‎· ‎(212) 729-5900 ‎ · com
  1. Can I order my linens to be delivered to my residence hall in advance?
    Housing does not accept packages for students before they have officially checked into the residence hall. However we have arranged for students studying in New York from Abu Dhabi or Shanghai to order their linens from one company rhl.org/nyu and housing will make an exception and accept the package before the student checks into the residence hall. Information about this program will be available on the Admitted Students blog. Please DO NOT order linens until that blog post is available.

                     17. If I am unhappy with my housing assignment, how do I request a change?                             Due to space limitations changes will be difficult to accommodate.                                               Students can register to be a part of the “bed-for-bed” room exchange and                             “swap” spaces with another student. To register, click on “Bed-for-Bed                                       Form” in the Housing Portal and opt-into the process. By doing so you                                       authorize the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services to share your                             contact information with all other students interested in considering a                                     bed-for-bed room change. Once opted-into the forum, you will have                                           access to search for potential swap.

  1. Is Special Interest Housing available for the Spring semester?
    Yes, students will be able to apply for special interest housing (Explorations, Residential College, or Choices) through the housing application. Students should explore these programs before they apply: http://www.nyu.edu/life/living-at-nyu/on-campus-living/the-on-campus-experience/special-interest-housing.html
    Please note that housing will consider special interest housing preferences as your first preference over any other preferences (including roommate or building). If you are accepted into a special interest housing program, you will not be able to switch out and go back to the general housing assignment process.
  1. What is the earliest date we can move in?
    Study Away students can move into their Spring Housing on Sunday, January 22nd after 10:00am. We will have 19 Washington Square North open for students from 1PM – 5PM on Sunday, January 22nd to allow students to come ask GPNYC Staff any questions prior to orientation on Friday, January 27 (subject to change). If you arrive prior to January 22nd you are responsible for your own accommodations until check in on January 22nd.
  1. I am already in New York from the Fall semester, can I change my room or will I continue in my current space for the Spring Semester?
    Students who are in New York for the fall semester and continuing for the spring semester will remain in their current assignments. Changes from the Fall semester are highly unlikely given the current space constraints for the spring semester. If you know a space will be vacated for the spring within your room/suite and you want to request for a student coming in for the spring to fill that space, please send an email to Hasanthi Piyasena (hp686@nyu.edu) with the below information:

Your Name:


Residence Hall:

Your Room Number:

Student Incoming for Spring Name:


Vacant/Available Room Number:

There is no guarantee that we can make this assignment, but we will try                                    our best to accommodate these requests.. We will not be able to move two                            or more students returning from the fall to a wholly unoccupied suite or                                  room; we can only fill in vacancies when possible.

                           If your question was not answered in the above sections, you may email                                Hasanthi Piyasena at hp686@nyu.edu with your housing inquiry. Please                                do not contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services or                                      Student Link in New York directly.