Classroom Locations

Trying to find the location of your classes, but can’t decode the building code?  Then you should refer to the Building Code Key and then look up the building on NYU’S campus map.  Feel free to contact with further questions about your class locations.


Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) Registration Update

If you are interested in Tisch ITP courses, please follow the tisch-course-exchange-guide, which outlines the process and timeline for ITP non-major registration.   You will need permission of your advisor before registering for an ITP course as ITP is a graduate-level program.
Here is the link to the Exchange site:
 You should follow the steps in the attached guide, and search for classes on Exchange – this is the most accurate listing of course information for spring .
ITP’s Albert listing is currently being updated by the Registrar (and non-ITP students will not have permissions to enroll in ITP courses directly via Albert without a department permission code). We should begin issuing permission codes in early December. Again, this is all included in the exchange guide.

Preparing for Course Registration

Please review the following important information and resources in advance of course registration next week:

  • Registering for Courses – The registering for courses page provides instructions on how to register for Study Away courses in Albert, how to find your appointment time, and answers to other registration FAQs.
  • Use the “Shopping Cart” & “Validate” tools in Albert to plan your schedule. Validating your courses now can help you identify any issues with prerequisites and restrictions ahead of time and get assistance BEFORE registration begins. If you are unable to validate one of your courses email global.academics@nyu.edufor assistance. You can review registration guides for step-by-step instructions on how to validate, add, drop, swap and more! (Some days/times, prerequisites and notes have changed since the course search went live so we recommend validating again if you have not done so recently.)
  • Academic Policies and Procedures for Study Away – This page contains important information regarding academic policies including the Attendance Policy, Language Course Requirement, Procedures for declaring pass/fail, etc
  • Course Evaluation Results – Course evaluation results for study away courses are available to students with an active netID.


Registration will occur the week of November 14.  Your registration time is available in the Student Center of Albert and is set for Eastern Standard Time.  Please understand that some courses will not open to you until later in the registration period.  Please also refer to our Academics FAQs.  We also ask you to note that:

  • The majority of courses in the Stern School of Business will open to you either Friday, November 18th, or Monday, November 21st.  Please refer to this spring-2017-open-access-list to know when a course you may wish to take will become available.  We strongly recommend that you set up an edit swap for those courses to have the best chance of enrolling.  Students are not permitted to audit Stern courses or to take graduate-level Stern courses.
  • Advanced Honors Seminars in the College of Arts and Science are open to all students the first week of registration.

For other courses in NYU’s undergraduate schools and programs, please remember to validate your courses to determine whether you are eligible to take a course.

Library and Writing Resources Available While Studying Away


As you prepare to study away next semester, please know that there are a variety of library and writing resources available throughout the Global Network to ensure your continued academic success.

Students and faculty at NYU Global sites have access to an extensive range of online full-text collections including books, journals, audio, video and images, and a variety of library services including email reference through NYU Libraries’ website.  Become acquainted with the library services here.

Additionally, NYU’s Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Sciences has launched two new writing services that students can take advantage of:

  1. Online Tutoring for Global Sites.  The NYU Writing Center now offers a space where any student in NYU’s Global Network can get help with his or her writing.  Via Google’s video chat and document sharing functions, consultants and students work one-on-one, focusing on every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing (with the exception of exams).  Upon arrival, interested students can sign up online for remote tutoring time slots.  The sign-up link will be shared by Academic staff in Shanghai.
  2. Resources for Writing is a series of Writing Guides that focus on the most essential and often challenging rhetorical moves in academic prose. Designed as mini-lessons, they take students through a step-by-step process that offers examples, explanations, and practice.  These sources are now available here.

Spring Course Search Soon Available

The Spring 2017 Study Away course listings will be available starting October 14 in the Albert Course Search. Just pick your site from the drop down to the right under Study Away Programs to see course offerings listed by department. More information on registering for your study away courses is available here. Please note that some courses may have changed since you last reviewed the posted offerings, and some courses may not be listed yet or may not have a set time / date.  These should be available shortly.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about how to search for courses please see the Registering for Courses Page or send an email to

We will send more information about how to actually register the week of November 14 in the coming weeks, but in the meantime take this time to:

  1. Check your registration appointment day and time by signing into the Albert Student Center and reviewing your appointment information displayed in the Enrollment Dates section.
  2. Check for registration holds by signing in to Albert Student Center. Some holds may block you from registration. Click “Details” in the “Holds” section to see contact and resolution information.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor or mentor to discuss your class schedule and degree requirements. NYU Students: Your advisor must clear you in Albert for registration.

Use the “Shopping Cart” & “Validate” tools to start planning your schedule. If you cannot validate a course with a prerequisite you won’t be able to register without a permission number. Contact to request permission numbers as necessary. Don’t wait for registration week!!


Welcome to the Big Apple

Leading up to the spring 2017 term, each week there will be new posts about everything from visas to registration to packing tips (and everything in between). Make sure to read all the posts to stay on top of your requirements and use this blog as your main point of reference throughout your pre-departure steps.

Let us know if you have any questions and congratulations again on your admission to NYU New York spring 2017!