F-1 Visa Update


Please continue to work with the Office of Global Education in Abu Dhabi on questions regarding your visa application if you are new to NYC this spring.  Students who will need to extend their I-20s will be updated shortly about next steps.


Extend your current I-20
Students who are currently studying in the US and will still study in US for Spring 2017, please make sure you complete your I-20 extension 1 Month prior to your current I-20 expiration. Check your email for the I-20 extension Guide sent by Shanghai Student Mobility. If you have any outbound/inbound visa questions, please email the Shanghai Mobility team at shanghai.student-mobility@nyu.edu.
Complete I-20 Application ASAP
Student who will study abroad in the US for Spring 2017, please make sure you finish the I-20 Form Application Survey here. Please refer to NYU Shanghai Student Mobility portal at here for detailed information on what you should prepare for the I-20 application. PLEASE NOTE: Any delay of your I-20 application submission will affect your visa application and study away plan. If you can’t secure your visa earlier than 7 days before the start of your program, you will forfeit your space at the study away location and will need to reapply for a future term/session.

On-Campus Housing Update

The Spring in New York City housing application will be available through the housing portal early next week. You will receive an email to your NYU Email with instructions and the the link to the application. Please note the following:

  1. The application is due on November 18th at 5:00pm EST.

  2. All students new to New York for the Spring semester must complete the application. If you are also coming to New York for the January Term and continuing for the spring there will be a separate application available at a later date.

  3. If you are coming to New York for both the Spring semester and the January term you will need to fill out TWO separate applications.
    #1: For Spring semester (which is currently available now and you should have received an email already with the application link).
    #2: For January Term (this will be available later this week or early next week. You will get a new email about this shortly)
  4. Please remember that all spring assignments are made by the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services. Spaces are allocated based on vacancies in the current housing system.

  5. Please review the FAQs about spring housing as your questions might be answered here.

  6. Students in New York that are continuing from the Fall semester will stay in their current spaces and will not fill out the spring application. Changes from a fall space are not guaranteed and you should read the FAQs carefully.

  7. Any questions not answered by the FAQs should be sent to gpnyc@nyu.edu

Check out the Virtual Tour Videos of each residence hall to get a better understanding of the housing available in New York prior to completing the application. https://www.nyu.edu/students/student-information-and-resources/housing-and-dining/on-campus-living/residence-halls.html

Library and Writing Resources Available While Studying Away


As you prepare to study away next semester, please know that there are a variety of library and writing resources available throughout the Global Network to ensure your continued academic success.

Students and faculty at NYU Global sites have access to an extensive range of online full-text collections including books, journals, audio, video and images, and a variety of library services including email reference through NYU Libraries’ website.  Become acquainted with the library services here.

Additionally, NYU’s Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Sciences has launched two new writing services that students can take advantage of:

  1. Online Tutoring for Global Sites.  The NYU Writing Center now offers a space where any student in NYU’s Global Network can get help with his or her writing.  Via Google’s video chat and document sharing functions, consultants and students work one-on-one, focusing on every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing (with the exception of exams).  Upon arrival, interested students can sign up online for remote tutoring time slots.  The sign-up link will be shared by Academic staff in Shanghai.
  2. Resources for Writing is a series of Writing Guides that focus on the most essential and often challenging rhetorical moves in academic prose. Designed as mini-lessons, they take students through a step-by-step process that offers examples, explanations, and practice.  These sources are now available here.

Flight Options & Arrival Information

Please keep in mind you MUST arrive in New York on January 22, 2017.  Housing is available only for the dates of the program (January 22, 2017 – May 17, 2017) so if you plan to arrive early or leave late, please be aware you will be responsible for your own accommodations.  Also note that arriving early or leaving late may have immigration implications, depending on your citizenship.  It is your responsibility to investigate this before you book your flights.  You can access the program calendar here.

Orientation will be scheduled for Friday, January 27 from 4PM-7:00PM.  This orientation is mandatory for students not returning to NY from fall 2016.  The only acceptable excused absence is a conflict with a scheduled course.  Conflicts with any other opportunity will not be accepted.  Please plan accordingly.

Students will be responsible for their transportation from the airport to your NY housing location.  Detailed instructions will be available closer to the start of the spring semester.  Instructions will also include check-in instructions and important phone numbers to have before the semester starts.

When shopping for flights, you are welcome to use any provider of your choice, but we encourage you to use NYU’s preferred partner, Egencia, to buy your ticket. Please see the following egencia instructions for info on how to book your flight through Egencia.

Please note:  All students will be required to submit their flight details closer to departure. Instructions for doing so will come later on in the semester

Welcome From the Site Director

Dear NYU New York Students

We are thrilled that you chose to study in New York this fall and look forward to meeting you in January. While some of you may be returning to New York City from a previous experience or semester, for others this may be your first time coming to New York or the U.S.


During your time in New York you will discover why New York is the city that never sleeps. It boasts of more than 2000 arts and cultural organizations and over 500 art galleries and museums; it is a center for finance, business, and media; and it the home to one of the world’s most diverse populations. But New York did not always hold its primary position among the world’s leading cities.

The city was founded between 1624 and 1626 when the Dutch East India Company established the region and named the settlement New Amsterdam. Forty years later, the British wrested control of the colony from the Dutch and renamed the area New York, after the Duke of York. The British would remain in control until the American Revolution led to the establishment of United States of America in 1784. New York City served as the first capital of the U.S. from 1789-1790. Instead of becoming the location of the nation’s government, New York evolved into the nation’s financial center – a position New York still holds today.

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Connecting with Other Students

Aside from the kick-off event, we will have a few other opportunities this semester where you will get a chance to meet each other, but feel free to also coordinate something on your own. The NYU New York Spring 2017 Facebook Group is a great way to get the ball rolling – join, introduce yourself, and don’t be shy!

This is a private group just for students attending the program this fall.  We will occasionally post information in the Facebook group about fun articles or events, but this group is primarily a social venue for you all!


Introducing Global Bloggers on ThisIsNYU

Want to get a glimpse of what life is like at your study away site? THIS IS NYU features student experiences from all over the globe. All of the stories are documented by students who maintain their own, personal blogs about their time at NYU, whether studying away or at their home campus. Get a sense of what your experience could be like from their travels, classes, and reflections on thisisnyu.tumblr.com.  Later in the semester we will provide further details for how to sign up and get involved!

Reserve Your Spot in the Program

Don’t forget to confirm your place in the program!  In order to confirm your intention to enroll, you must accept your offer of admissions.  You do NOT need to submit any fee or payment.

If you previously logged into NYU Home and were unable to accept the offer, please clear your browser history/cache – this will delete the information your computer stored about your previous NYUHome session – before attempting to log in again.

To accept or decline your offer:

  • Log on to your NYUHome account
  • Select the “Academics” Tab
  • Click on the “Albert” button
  • Within Albert, Select the “Applicants” tab at the top left of the page
  • Select the “Application Status” link
  • Click on the purple “Admission Offer” button next to your study away application
  • Follow all of the prompts to accept or decline your offer of admission

Note: If you accept our offer, please be prepared to pay the reservation fee by e-check. After you make your final decision, the “Admission Offer” button will no longer appear.


Register with the Moses Center

The Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) determines qualified disability status and assists students in obtaining appropriate accommodations and services, both at their home campuses and while studying away.

Students currently registered who will be studying away must contact the Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities in order to discuss resources that might be required, to provide the necessary documentation, and to arrange for these services well before departure.

Additionally, students should speak to the Moses Center if they feel reasonable accommodations may need to be requested while away.  Accommodations include but are not limited to:  testing accommodations, note takers, use of computer for exams, materials in an alternate format, and provision of sign language interpreters to name a few.

Please visit the Study Away and Disability page on the Moses Center’s website to learn more.  Information is provided for all NYU students (NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and NYU New York home campuses), as well as for Visiting (non-NYU) students.  Requests for accommodation at the NYU Global Sites must be made no later than four to six weeks before departure.

Students are able to reach out to the Moses Center with questions by calling +1 (212) 998-4980 or emailing mosescsd@nyu.edu.

Spring Course Search Soon Available

The Spring 2017 Study Away course listings will be available starting October 14 in the Albert Course Search. Just pick your site from the drop down to the right under Study Away Programs to see course offerings listed by department. More information on registering for your study away courses is available here. Please note that some courses may have changed since you last reviewed the posted offerings, and some courses may not be listed yet or may not have a set time / date.  These should be available shortly.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about how to search for courses please see the Registering for Courses Page or send an email to global.academics@nyu.edu.

We will send more information about how to actually register the week of November 14 in the coming weeks, but in the meantime take this time to:

  1. Check your registration appointment day and time by signing into the Albert Student Center and reviewing your appointment information displayed in the Enrollment Dates section.
  2. Check for registration holds by signing in to Albert Student Center. Some holds may block you from registration. Click “Details” in the “Holds” section to see contact and resolution information.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor or mentor to discuss your class schedule and degree requirements. NYU Students: Your advisor must clear you in Albert for registration.

Use the “Shopping Cart” & “Validate” tools to start planning your schedule. If you cannot validate a course with a prerequisite you won’t be able to register without a permission number. Contact global.academics@nyu.edu to request permission numbers as necessary. Don’t wait for registration week!!